All About Car Salesman Inc.

If you’re reading this, then most likely you’re a salesperson at a car dealership, interested in building or expanding your own personal online brand.

That’s what I was eight years ago when I started my website,  I was in my 6th year at a VW Dealership in Orange County California, and was tired of relying on the store to bring me potential customers, I wanted to create my own business, and my own brand to sell more cars and have fun doing it.

Within months of starting SoCal VW Guy, my self generated business increased my sales by over 25% and I was working fewer hours than ever!


I was a graphics major in college, and began building websites in 2001, but after getting into sales I stopped for a while.  However avter starting my own personal website, I began doing more work for myself and others, and that led to the creation of, a web design agency.

I still worked at the dealership as well, and am confident that the future of the professional salesman (or saleswoman) lies in creating effective personal brands.

One of the most important components of this personal brand is a strong digital presence, the hub of which is a high-quality personal website.  Thus, Car Salesman Inc!  A service to provide automotive sales professionals top quality websites to grow a personal brand and increase sales and profitability.

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