My Story

I suppose if I’m providing all this information you want to know “Who is this guy?”

There’s an old saying “Those who cant do, teach” and the car business is FULL of prime examples to illustrate this saying.  Thus I want to give you my story, and allow you to decide for yourself.

My name is Danny Maynor.  I’ve been in the car business for over 12 years now, all but 9 months at the same store in Huntington Beach, CA.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I started out selling VW’s because I needed a “real” job to pay rent etc.  I knew a lot about VW’s already, and figured with my retail sales experience at surf shops it would be a good temporary job.

I went to school for graphic design, and my managers from that time still like to laugh at how much I talked about how I was only doing car sales for a little while until I got a graphic design job.  Starting out I never even considered the possibility of this being a life-long career.

I went about my first several years in the business like most do.  Selling around 12-15 cars per month, making decent money and getting good CSI scores.  It wasn’t until I found myself married with a child on they way that I really started thinking about how I can make this car sales thing work.

The answer came during what I call a 9-month “vacation” to a Ford store in San Diego county.  I had been treated poorly by a GM at the VW store and while knowing the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence, just knew I needed a change.  This is where I met Ski.

Ski had been at the same store for over 20 years.  He was about 70, but in better shape than I was in my twenties.  He got up every morning at 4 am to go running, and was usually the first person at the dealership around 6-7am.

I would drive in at 9am and Ski would be standing out front in his American flag cowboy boots, just watching the lot and enjoying the morning.  He would go into his office, do a little work on his computer, read a magazine with his feet up on his desk, and then his phone would ring.

He’d talk on the phone for a few minutes, punching the keys one at a time on his keyboard while looking down at the screen through his reading glasses.  After a few minutes he’d stroll out onto the lot, get in a truck and pull it around to the detail bay.

Fast forward to the afternoon, a customer would walk in, often a whole family, chat with him for a bit, sign papers, and drive away in their new truck.

He sold an average of 20 cars a month this way.  Never taking an up, never taking a phone pop, and never taking internet leads.

The GM and Owner never bothered him, they never required him to go to sales meetings, and he worked his own schedule.

What did he do differently?  Not just that, but how can I duplicate that without waiting 20 years to get there?  I’ve always been a work to live guy, not a live to work one.  I wanted to have that steady flow of customers and I wanted it coupled with a schedule that allowed me time to spend with my growing family.

Ski ran his automotive sales career like a business.  He created an atmosphere and an experience that made people want to come back to him and no one else.  Often multiple generations of the same family would come back to him.

My desire to do this led to a problem I mentioned just a few lines ago.  I don’t have 20 years to get to this point.  What can I do now?

At about this same time the VW store calling, wanting me to come back and while I enjoyed the Ford store, I knew my future was with VW so back I went, racking my brain for what I can do to set myself apart.

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It took me about a year after coming back before I actually started something, but it made all the difference and has led me to where I am now.

I started out just using my name as a domain for a website but quickly realized I wanted something more branded.  I tried a few different ideas, but eventually started SoCal VW Guy.  Not just a website, but a complete corporate identity.  I decided to create my own brand beyond my name, and beyond just a website.  I created a business.

I created a logo, I designed my own business cards with that logo on them.  I designed a website and set up a Facebook page and Twitter account.  I also started sending monthly marketing emails to my customer base (using my stores CRM, don’t be shady with your stores database!)

I ended up with my own complete online presence independent of the dealership, and totally reliant on myself as the driving force behind the brand.

About a year after this, I started my own Youtube channel, currently at almost a million views, small according to Youtube standards but effective for what I needed.

Within a few months of implementing these outlets, my repeat and referral business began to climb.  I went from hustling and working 6-7 days per week taking leads and ups to sell 12-15 cars and ended up working 5 days a week, 9-6 with Sundays and Mondays off for an average of about 20 cars per month!

20 cars is a lot for a VW store and was enough to consistently have me in the top ten in my region for VW each and every year after that.  I can guarantee also that I was working fewer hours and spending more time with my family than anyone else in that top ten!

I currently do a lot more than just sales for my dealership, including training, sales management and more, but I still sell to my own customer base, averaging around 8-10 sales per month without taking any leads.

There are plenty of salesmen and women out there who sell more than I do and make more money, however I was able to create a business and use that to support the life I want to live.

Long story short, creating my own personal brand and business within my dealership career changed my life, gave me the time I wanted with my family, increased my income significantly, and you can do it too.

You can get out what you put in.  If you sell 15 cars a month now, 20-25 per month can be a simple step if you just follow the process that I was able to discover and use to change my life and my career.  This might not be the right fit for you, but if it is, you are almost guaranteed results!

Thank you for reading!  To learn more contact me here.


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