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Car Salesman Inc packages include website hosting if desired, but do not include domain names. Your domain name is something that should be owned and controlled by you. Its your digital address, and as such we heartily recommend purchasing that independently at

How long will this take?

Though external issues can create delays, our goal is that your website will be fully complete and online within one week of signing up.

This includes 2 rounds of revisions after the initial site is approved, but does not include add-ons for extra features desired.  Please also remember that you are responsible for sending all text content, images, and/or videos etc that you would like to appear on your new website.

For specific concerns, please dont hesitate to contact us.  We will do our best to answer or accommodate any concerns.

What do I have to do?

At Car Salesman Inc, we are good at what we do, but we cannot put together the content (text/images/etc) needed to make your new website the effective resource you need it to be.  Your site is selling you to your current and prospective customers, so they need pictures, videos, and an text content that truly captures YOU and why they should work with you.

We are putting together a simple form to fill out for those with template sites (available soon!) that will allow you to send everything needed in one email.  Custom sites (Car Dog and Car Pro pkgs) will involve more.

For more detailed concerns, please contact us.

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